How does it work?

No electrical knowledge or special tools needed...just plug and you're done!
Our neon signages (12V) come with an EU plug

How can I hang my neon sign?

Well, it depends on the option you choose when building your own signage: If you choose the rope, then you're ready to go - just hang it in your favorite place. If you went with the drilled holes with screws, that means your signage comes with two pre-drilled holes in the clear acrylic backing; it can easily be mounted on any wall with two screws or nails. And if you wish not to drill the wall, you can always use a good double sided tape. We recommend the 3M double sided tape: it holds up to 7kg (if your neon sign is heavier, then please make sure to use the tape that holds more than 7kg).

What’s the difference between LED cold neon and the traditional glass neon?

We do both kind of neons, but focus mainly on the LED cold neon.

  • The most obvious difference between them is that the traditional glass neon comes in a hand crafted glass tube, very fragile. Once broken, the whole piece should be replaced. The LED cold neon is made from silicone tubes.
  • If you’re looking at the most energy efficient lighting, then you should use the LED cold neon as its only 12V (vs, 13,000V for the glass neon).
  • As for the difference in cost between LED and glass signs, it depends on the size of the light display you are creating. For big, outdoor displays LED would be cheaper than glass signs.


In case I don’t like my neon, can I return it?

If signage was bought from our shop/ready-made section, yes you can return it within 10 working days. If your neon was customized, unfortunately you won’t be able to do so.

How do I get my refund?

Please fill out the form with your bank account details and send it by e-mail or put it in the neon package. After we receive the item in the original package without any damage, we will transfer back the amount within 30 working days. The return shipment cost will be handled by the client.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, one year warranty! However, the warranty does not cover physical damage by the user.

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