About Us

Les Néons is our name.
“Light Up Your World” is our game.

We customize neon signs for newlyweds, newlyborns, kids (some who are misbehaving), lovers (who might turn into exes), crushes (who might never be lovers), cats, dogs, hamsters, flamingos, artists, tattoo artists, fashion designers, interior designers, graphic designers, fashionistas, spas, beauty salons, chefs, caterers, restaurants, mothers, fathers, grandmothers/fathers and everyone in between.

Our neon signs are made using LED cold neon. We do use glass traditional neon upon request. What’s the difference between them? Click here to know more.

You can customize yours too!
We had the honor to create and design neons signages for our following beautiful clients: MTV Miss Lebanon finale & Celebrity Duets, Eucerin’s campaign #FightAcne, ABC Verdun, Instagram influencers, and many more. Check them out on our Instagram page.

“We Light Up Your World”

Your smile, after turning our neon lights on, lights up ours.

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